The Secret To Getting Healthy Without Getting High

The single most crucial step in the process of Doc Green Wells CBD oil production is the total removal of all traces of THC. Unlike inferior brands found in health food stores and smoke shops that contain up to 3% THC, Doc Green Wells CBD oil is 100% THC FREE. Our State of the Art ISO-7 Certified Lab uses the latest technology to remove all unwanted compounds present in the oil during the manufacturing and refining process. Undesirable compounds like wax, plant pigments and THC are completely eliminated leaving nothing but the purest highest quality, zero THC, Broad spectrum CBD oil that money can buy. Because our products are 100% THC free, we can ship them across state lines and to most countries around the world.


There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD oil. The first thing we would like to address is what CBD is not.

  • CBD oil is not medical or recreational marijuana,

  • CBD oil is NON psychoactive and will not get you high

  • CBD Oil is Not Illegal to purchase, possess or consume.

CBD Oil also known as Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the Cannabis or Hemp plant and is organically formed in the plant’s natural secretions. Both marijuana and commercial hemp are different forms of the same genus plant species called cannabis. Cannabis does not mean just marijuana, the plant containing THC that can get you high. The name cannabis is a widely adopted umbrella term used for all forms of marijuana and commercial hemp plants. Doc Green Wells full spectrum CBD Oils and Products are derived from hemp (not marijuana) and contains NO psychoactive THC.

Doc Green Wells CBD products cannot give you the euphoric feeling or ‘high’ that is associated with medical or recreational marijuana which is caused by the chemical compound known as THC. Doc Green Wells CBD products are completely THC Free and contain zero psychoactive compounds that can impair the human brain. This makes Doc Green Wells CBD products the only choice for parents, medical professionals, law enforcement or anyone else that requires the health benefits of Canabidiol without the worry of  jeopardizing their mental clarity or careers.

Most major and even minor health problems today are unfortunately treated by conventional medicine with prescription drugs. These prescription drugs usually  have unpleasant, dangerous and even deadly side effects. Some of these well documented side effects include liver, kidney and stomach damage to neurological problems or worse of all addiction.  Doc Green Wells CBD products are organic, all natural, non-toxic, virtually free of any known side-effects and most importantly non habit forming.

Doc Green Wells CBD Oil is Full-spectrum natural extract that contains all cannabinoids and beneficial compounds present in the original unprocessed plant. Some of these beneficial dietary nutrients like essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidant terpenes and flavonoids all help protect the body from the damage free radicals as well as promote symptomatic relief through natural wellness.

Doc Green Well CBD Oil is produced in a state of the Art ISO-7 certified Lab that utilizes the cleanest leading edge Cold CO2 hemp purification, extraction process. This extraction process ensures all of the beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids of the hemp plant are preserved. Our extraction process also removes unwanted compounds while preventing natural molecule degradation. The end result of our CBD oil extraction process is the highest quality Broad spectrum CBD oil available.

Every phytocannabinoid rich drop of our CBD oil contains over 113 cannabinoids and absolutely no THC. Doc Green Wells CBD products are manufactured to the absolute highest quality and purity standards. As always they are 100% pesticide, solvent and contaminant free, organic, non-GMO as well as eco friendly. So when your lost in sea of uncertainty about CBD you can always count on Doc Green Wells for the highest quality CBD products made right here in the United States Of America.

Doc Green Wells CBD oil is a whole plant, Broad spectrum hemp extract that contains ZERO THC which makes it legal to purchase in all 50 states as well as online. “Whole plant ” is a term used to describe extracts that contain the full or broad spectrum of therapeutic compounds found in the hemp plant.

Not all CBD products sold online, in smoke shops, or health food stores are created equal. 
A recent independent blind test study of popular CBD products sold discovered that only about 31 % of the products purchased and tested contained the exact amount of CBD listed on the label (within +/- 10 percent). The most alarming discovery during testing was the existence of compounds found that were not listed on the label. Some of the compounds discovered included (THC) of up to 3% when the products were clearly labeled non-psychoactive. While 3% THC will not produce a high it can still have a negative impact on a consumer such as failing a random drug screen at their place of employment or a blood test taken at a traffic accident.  The other glaring contradiction was that people who are using CBD oil to address symptomatic health conditions may not be taking the proper amount  leading them to either not get enough for it to be effective or getting too much adding to a dramatic increase in cost for use.

Doc Green Well uses 100% organically farmed USA non-GMO, pesticide free premium hemp. Unfortunately to the confusion of the average consumer there are unscrupulous companies selling inferior CBD products derived from hemp that is imported from other countries. Most of these countries have very little or no agriculture guidelines, regulations or restrictions regarding farming practices, exportation, storage or purity. This makes it impossible for anyone to know the quality or content of the CBD products they are purchasing.

Doc Green Wells is carefully produced using only the finest domestically sourced, Organically Farmed,  Non GMO Hemp for all of its products.

The endocannabinoid system or ECS is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors naturally found in the brain, central and peripheral nervous system of Humans. It has been well documented to affect the bodies Immune, Sleep, Memory, Appetite, Mood and Pain signals.

Due to the recent signing of the 2018 Farm bill CBD products are legal because they are derived from commercial hemp which is no longer mis-classified as a controlled substance. Also unlike medical or recreational Marijuana it contains no THC has no psychoactive effect on the human body. Unlike CDB products that contain up to 3% THC which are considered supplements by the FDA, Doc Green Well goes a step further. We produce Broad spectrum CBD Products that contain no THC and are considered simply a food additive. This makes the purchase consumption and possession of Doc Green Well CBD products completely legal in all 50 States.

The DEA previously released an internal directive regarding products containing cannabinoids derived from Hemp plants. The new guidelines for staff and field agents in the DEA clarified (what has already been widely understood by many in the commercial and agricultural hemp industry) , that cannabinoids are in fact NOT illegal based upon the source from which those cannabiniods are derived from and if they fall within or outside of the Controlled Substances Act.

The directive to field agents and staffers states the following: “Products and materials that are made from the cannabis plant and which fall outside the CSA definition of marijuana are not controlled under the Controlled Substance Act. Such products may accordingly be sold and otherwise distributed throughout the United States without restriction under the CSA or its implementing regulations. The mere presence of cannabinoids is not itself dispositive as to whether a substance is within the scope of the current language in the Controlled Substance Act of the United States of America.

Marijuana-Derived CBD

Marijuana-derived CBD oil is what most people with medical marijuana cards are consuming so marijuana-derived CBD oil must be sold in a fully licensed medical marijuana dispensary. For any product to be sold in a licensed medical marijuana dispensary, it must contain a minimum of 4% THC and be fully compliant with all state marijuana regulations. This means that the marijuana derived CBD products sold in a medical marijuana dispensary must be lab-tested, packaged in child-proof containers and must be tracked with a chain of custody from seed to finished product.

Hemp-Derived CBD

If you want to experience all the health benefits of CBD oil without the effects of THC or all of the entanglements of medical marijuana then Doc Green Wells hemp derived CBD products are the answer. Our CBD is pure pharmaceutical grade Cannabidiol that is organically grown then processed in a ISO-7 Certified Lab. From Seed to shelf every batch is 3rd party lab verified with complete certificate of analysis.   Doc Green Wells CBD Products contain ZERO THC so it can be sold legally in all 50 states as well as globally to any consumer over the age of 18.


Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly crops growing on our planet today. Hemp is environmentally sustainable, renewable, grows quickly and every part of this amazing plant is usable from seed to stalk and flower. Hemp is known to have over 25,000 different uses from industrial and commercial to medicinal. Hemp has been used by Indigenous cultures for thousands of years is one of the oldest food, fibre, medicinal and oil rich plants known to man
Hemp is an amazing crop: Hemp requires almost zero pesticides, it is genetically resistant to most pests, requires no herbicides fungicides, thrives on less water than most crops and enjoys short crop rotation times.

Hemp is good for the earth and is being used to repair damaged environments. For example it has been proven hemp roots can stabilize soil, reduce runoff and leave the soil in better condition after harvest then before planting making phytoremediation programs more effective. In California Hemp has been shown to quickly restore ecosystems that have been damaged by fire.

At Doc Green Wells our products are about keeping people and the planet healthy 🙂

OK lets try and explain some of the confusing industry Term, Buzzwords and Product Names.
CBD (Cannabidiol) non-intoxicating cannabinoid C21H30O2 found in cannabis and hemp used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes
Cannabinoids – various naturally-occurring, biologically active, chemical components (such as cannabidiol or cannabinol) of hemp or cannabis plants
Terpenes – are the plants essential oils that color and provide the aromatics of the cannabis plant. Terpenes provide the distinctive flavors and aromas that play key roles in the different effects of various cannabis strains like relaxation, sleep and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity.
Full Spectrum CBD – Contains all of the cannibinoids, health benefits and terpenes (natural oils) the plant has to offer. Full spectrum keeps intact the full synergistic properties of cannabinoids and fatty acids making it the most effective of CBD products.
CBD Isolate -Is Cannabidiol extracted using only the stalk of the hemp plant other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids found in the plant are stripped out leaving only CBD crystals  and does not contain any other beneficial parts of the plant.
Entourage Effect: Doc Green Wells whole plant CBD Oil contains over 113 cannabinoids including CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC along with more than 400 trace compounds. Many of these compounds synergistically interact to create what science refers to as an “entourage effect”. The entourage effect amplifies the therapeutic benefits of the plant’s individual compounds—making the medicinal impact of the whole plant greater than the sum of its individual parts.