Doc Green Well A Premier CBD dispensary


I bought the 500 mg oil and all I can tell you is that it has been a life changer for me. I had horrible insomnia and always woke up with aching muscles in my neck, back and shoulders but no more! I have sent many friends and family to his store. His product is for real! “

So says Cindy Nour of Daytona Beach, a regular customer of Doc Green Well in Daytona Beach Shores. The dispensary located beach-side at 101 Dunlawton Blvd, carries its own unique brand of CBD (Cannabidiol) products, and is the brainchild of owner Mike Rizzo.

We asked Mr Rizzo what exactly is CBD? He went on to explain, CBD is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compound found in both the cannabis and hemp plant. Both marijuana and commercial hemp are different forms of the same genus of plant species called cannabis. Cannabis does not mean just marijuana, the plant containing THC that can get you high. Cannabis is a widely adopted umbrella term used for all forms of marijuana and commercial hemp plants. Doc Green Wells full spectrum CBD products are THC free, derived from commercial hemp (not marijuana) and are non-psychoactive.

To be clear there is a huge distinction between medical marijuana and CBD oil. CBD oil is not medical or recreational marijuana, is completely non-psychoactive, will not get you high and is completely legal.

Mr. Rizzo, 53, is a Daytona Beach Shores resident who has worked in the alternative wellness field for over 27 years. He stated “everything that happened in my life led up to this point.” Specifically, he was in a boating accident 31 years ago that broke his thoracic rib and caused severe whiplash, that lead to “cervical neuritis” in his neck or in his words “every “itis” known to man.” After trying everything from radial nerve ablation and physical therapy to standard medications, nothing seemed to help. Like most people he started using over the counter pain remedies that only provided temporary relief. Then someone introduced him to CBD products and relief was almost immediate. Thus, began his mission to show others how much better their lives could be with what he calls alternative natural medicinal products.

Mr. Rizzo stated because the products they carry contain no psychoactive compounds now everyone can enjoy the health benefits of CBD without the high. Doc Green Wells Dispensary carries a complete line of full spectrum products ranging from CBD oil, gummies, topical pain cream and even CBD for pets. We also carry a full line of medicinal organic teas that you can sweeten with our organic CBD infused honey. All of their products are derived from the finest quality domestically grown organically farmed non-GMO hemp. The hemp is then processed in a contaminate free ISO-7 certified lab and turned into our CBD oils, CBD edibles and CBD topicals. Finally all products are then sent to independent 3rd party testing facilities for purity and potency ensuring the best quality CBD you can purchase.

“We wanted to get a pure, highly potent product that had no THC into the hands of everyone that needed to get relief” Mr. Rizzo said.” The primary anti-inflammatory component of a cannabis plant is actually the CBD. The difference between our products and most other companies that are out there is that we are seed to shelf company. Our chain of custody is from the grow all the way to the laboratory. Our entire line of products are manufactured to our specifications. We understand how it’s grown where it is produced and finally packaged.” The limited ingredients in our CBD oil (sublingual tinctures) consist of simply CBD and hempseed oil, we dont carry any isolate or MCT oil, there are also no fillers or preservatives. CBD being an anti-inflammatory is effective on a lot of different ailments according to Mr. Rizzo. The result people tend to see first when using our product is better sleep he said and they are completely non-addictive.

Mr. Rizzo stated since opening up the dispensary last December “our success has been amazing, for every two people that come in we see 7-10 referrals and already have 150 plus customers”.

Mr. Rizzo went on to say “My wife Kelley and I live right here in the shores and sell to our friends and neighbors. If I was selling something that wasn’t going to work, I would be found out soon enough and they would chase me right out of town. We now have many customers that advocate for our products and word of mouth is allowing us to grow quickly”

He added “Because of CBD I no longer take any over the counter or prescription medication for pain relief whatsoever, I simply take CBD. After 30 years of misery I am finally living a pain free healthier life.

If you would like more information on how CBD can help you with chronic pain, sleep or anxiety stop by Doc Green Wells CBD Dispensary located at 101 Dunlawton Blvd beach-side on the corner of Peninsula. They are open Tuesday thru Friday 11am-6:30pm and Saturdays from 10am-2:30pm. You can also visit them on the web at or give Mike a call at (386) 238-9493.

By Diane M. Carey