Local dispensary is budding in tough times

Local Dispensary Is “Budding” In Tough Times

By Diane M. Carey


The Doc Green Well dispensary in Daytona Beach Shores will be celebrating its second year in business this November. The company carries its own unique brand of CBD (Cannabidiol) products, and has just expanded to carrying smokable heirloom hemp flower. The company is the brainchild of owner Mike Rizzo.

Since opening in 2018, Doc Green Well has serviced over 2400 customers. The company has won the Hometown News Readers Choice Award two years in a row for Best CBD Dispensary. The Business has remained open throughout the pandemic and offers a safe in store shopping experience as well as free delivery to local customers. Regardless of this challenging time Mr Rizzo says “Pain Panic And Sleep problems never take a day off”.

Mr. Rizzo stated” Doc Green Well now carries premium organic and sustainably farmed smokable heirloom hemp. Our partner farm uses the latest ecofriendly 100% sustainable organic growing methods, no pesticides, processed manures, chemical fertilizers or plastics. This is not the questionable pre-rolled or cheap hemp found at your local head shop, it is trimmed and pre-packaged in air-sealed 3.5-gram bags fresh from the farm. We also have full Bio data-sheets with Certificates of analysis to verify the contents of each package sold. At under $8 a gram it is a less expensive alternative for customers that cannot afford the higher cost of CBD Tinctures.”

Smoking Hemp that contains high CBD and low THC is quickly becoming a popular new trend among Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials alike. Mr Rizzo went on to say “Let’s face it 2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone so stress, anxiety and sleeplessness are at an all-time high (‘no pun intended’).

Smokable hemp flower has been reported by users to quickly and affordably help with anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, depression, and sleep. While CBD oil will have a longer lasting more sustainable effect over time, smoking hemp will deliver a powerful temporary dose of CBD directly to the bloodstream for an immediate impact at a price that everyone can afford.”

Given some of the limitations and drawbacks of using medical marijuana, people are now discovering they can achieve the same relief from the hemp plant without getting high. The actual pain relieving and relaxing properties of the hemp plant is derived from its naturally occurring high CBD and low THC content. The CBD acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces stress, pain signals and promotes deep sleep cycles. Mr Rizzo went on to say when smoking their premium hemp you will get the relief you are looking for without the problems and side effects that can arise from being high.

Some people are also using it to stop using nicotine products such as cigarettes because smoking clean organic hemp flower can offer smokers that are trying to quit a healthier alternative that doesn’t contain any of the harsh additives or addictive substances found in tobacco products.

CBD is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compound found in both the cannabis and hemp plant. Both marijuana and hemp are different forms of the same genus of plant species called cannabis. Doc Green Well premium broad spectrum CBD products are THC free, derived from hemp (not marijuana) and are non-psychoactive.

He added “I never knock my competitors because cheap CBD does work. But people should be concerned with where the CBD is coming from? Most people have no clue what is in their CBD or how it is made. What is actually in it? Is it Isolate, Full Spectrum or a True Broad Spectrum? We only carry premium grade broad spectrum Cannabidoil products with lab COAs for complete transparency and peace of mind. The potency and purity of what we sell is on a completely different level than mass produced products that are widely available.”

To be clear there is a huge distinction between medical marijuana and hemp. Hemp and CBD oil are not medical or recreational marijuana. CBD and smoakable hemp is completely non-psychoactive, will not get you high and is completely legal to purchase and consume.

Lee K. who lives in Daytona Beach is one of Mr. Rizzo’s biggest fans. He said” I smoked the CBD since he started carrying it and also smoked it when he had samples of it to check out. It keeps me focused instead of being scrambled all over the place. My wife takes the gummies at night because she is so high strung and they completely relax her so she can sleep through the night with no side effects at all. One of my wife’s friends takes the gummies because she has chronic back issues.” He added he has seen Mr. Rizzo turn people away because he wanted them to check with their doctor first due to medications they were on. He said “that guy is the straightest shooter that I know.”

Mr. Rizzo is a Daytona Beach Shores resident who has worked in the alternative wellness field for over 28 years. He was in a boating accident when he was in his 20’s that broke his thoracic rib and caused severe whiplash, that lead to “cervical neuritis” in his neck or in his words “every “itis” known to man.” After trying everything from radial nerve ablation and physical therapy to standard medications, nothing seemed to help. Like most people he started using over the counter pain remedies that only provided temporary relief with a laundry list of side effects. Then someone introduced him to CBD products and relief was almost immediate. Thus, began his mission to show others how much better their lives could be with what he calls alternative natural medicinal products.

Doc Green Wells Dispensary carries a complete line of premium broad spectrum cbd products ranging from CBD oil, gummies, topical pain cream and even CBD for pets. They also carry the highest quality premium smokable heirloom hemp available. All of Doc Green Well products are derived from the finest quality domestically sourced organically farmed non-GMO hemp.

Mr. Rizzo said “Because of CBD I no longer take any over the counter or prescription medication for pain relief whatsoever, I simply take CBD. After 30 plus years of misery I am finally living a pain free healthier life.”

If you would like more information on how any of the products available can help you with chronic pain, sleep or anxiety stop by Doc Green Wells CBD Dispensary located at 101 Dunlawton Blvd beachside on the corner of Peninsula. They are open Tuesday thru Friday 11am-6:00pm and Saturdays from 11am-3pm.  You can also visit them on the web at www.docgreenwell.com or give Mr. Rizzo a call at (386) 238-9493.