Doc Green Wells CBD Dispensary Now Open!

Doc Green Wells Beach Side CBD Dispensary.

Our dispensary will provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing shopping experience for people that dont want to go to a local smoke shop or whole foods store to purchase unknown CBD products. At Doc Green Wells we only stock Pharmaceutical grade THC FREE CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, gummies, and more all derived from organically farmed, non-gmo hemp.
Doc Green Wells is proud to become Daytona Beach Shores First and only official CBD Dispensary. Proudly our products are farmed and produced in the USA by American workers as part of an emerging reverse trend back to traditional brick-and-mortar retail.
We have a strict ZERO THC POLICY our completely natural products do not contain any psychoactive compounds so you can enjoy all of the health without the high. We are fully stocked with premium CBD products and able to ship to all 50 United States as well as Canada. Stop by and see us today or shop online.

Store Hours
Tuesday– Friday 11am – 6:30pm  Saturday 10am –2:30pm CLOSED-Sun-Mon

New Customer Discount
*One Per New Customer Online Only

Our Premium Full Spectrum CBD Products


Medical Professionals Finally Admit CBD Works

Main Stream Medical professionals like acclaimed Neurosurgeon Dr Sanjay Gupta explain why they have changed their mind about CBD and cannabis based medicinal products derived from hemp. He discusses and illustrates the purpose and effect of the endocannabinoid system.

“I have seen more patients first hand, spent time with them and come to the realization that it is irresponsible not to provide the best care we can as a medical community, care that could involve marijuana. We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States”  ~Sanjay Gupta

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