CBD Dispensary Franchise Opportunity

cbd dispensary franchise opportunity

Thinking About Starting a CBD business?

A Doc Green Well dispensary is a unique turn-key solution in the CBD retail space. With the CBD industry projected to top $22 billion dollars in less than 48 months, now is the time to become a Doc Green Well CBD Dispensary Franchisee. The medicinal benefits of this powerful extract are far from anecdotal. Millions of people are already taking CBD or considering adding it to their arsenal against everything from chronic pain to sleep disorders and anxiety.  The CBD industry is already experiencing explosive growth and with the recent passing of the 2018 Farm bill, hemp is no longer a legal gray area. CBD is literally the next gold rush, with one major difference, the product actually works, so it is perpetually sustainable. Doc Green Well is positioned to be a unique niche concept in the CBD dispensary marketplace. 

The Doc Green Well Experience:

A Doc Green Well CBD Dispensary is a warm inviting retail experience that offers a high quality selection of CBD products, service and education, in a visually calming environment. Our dispensary trade dress is meticulously designed for optimal sensory presentation, giving  your customers a memorable and relaxing shopping experience. When a client arrives at a Doc Green Well dispensary they are met with a clean and professional setting that keeps them visually engaged and comfortable. A visit to a Doc Green Well dispensary affords prospective customers a selection of products designed to provide lasting relief for real problems that guarantees repeat sales.

Key Principles:

A welcoming environment with a purchase process where clients are relaxed and ready to spend. Our educational, hospitality based customer service helps convert new visitors into repeat customers. Recognizing that first impressions are the key to consumer confidence, every detail of our inviting CBD dispensaries are designed to instill peace of mind in the consumer. Prospective Doc Green Well dispensaries will be strategically placed in high traffic locations throughout major cities and key rural communities across the USA. Using a recession proof, sustainable and environmentally friendly business model, our unique approach to the CBD dispensary concept is designed for profitability and growth.

Limited locations are available by individual and multiple zip codes.

Open a single dispensary or claim a territory while they are available. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be on the winning side of an emerging market. Dispensaries can operate in as little as 300 sqft making this the most profitable retail concept per sqft available today. We offer low entry and start up costs as well as limited financing options. Contact us today for available territories and franchise information. Start changing the lives of others as well as your financial future today.