CBD Dispensary Franchise Questionnaire

Qualifying Our Candidates

If you’re serious about becoming a Doc Green Well Dispensary candidate, then the first step is submitting the qualification form. This will cover basic information about yourself and where you’d like to open a Doc Green Well Dispensary location. After that form is submitted, we will get back to you to review your financial qualifications and to answer any initial questions you may have as we start the process.

The financial qualifications for a Doc Green Well Dispensary Location include but are not restricted or limited to:

  • Net Worth – $100,000
  • Cash or liquid assets of at least $25,000

If you do not have these assets, it does not necessarily disqualify you. Many of our dispensary owners may take out loans or use available credit sources to provide the required capital for their store or partner with family or friends to help them qualify.

CBD hemp industry growth

Limited locations are available by individual and multiple zip codes.

Open a single dispensary or claim a territory while they are available. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be on the winning side of an emerging market. Dispensaries can operate in as little as 300 sqft making this the most profitable retail concept per sqft available today. We offer low entry and start up costs as well as limited financing options. Contact us today for available territories and franchise information. Start changing the lives of others as well as your financial future today.

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