CBD Neuroterpene Sleep Relax Formula 500mg

Limonene Terpene

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  • CBD Neuroterpene Sleep Relax Formula 500mg

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    Sleeplessness is a common problem for people of all ages. Some people cant fall asleep, some people cant stay asleep and most people dont get an adequate amount of sleep. While CBD Alone can help you get the rest you need some people need a little extra help. Doc Green Well sleep formula contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients that work together to relax, calm, and help you stay asleep. Our proprietary blend of CBD and natural plant terpenes is non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide and Chemical free with no preservatives or additives, third party LAB tested for purity and potency.

    Limonene which is found in cannabis is a terpene that has been shown to have a sedative effect. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory.


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    A 500 mg bottle contains approximately 600 drops @ 0.250 mg of CBD each

    • Recommended Dosage: between 5-7 drops per dose
    • 5 drops = 1.25 mg of active ingredient.
    • 12 drops = 1.75 mg of active ingredient
    • Price $119.99 500mg bottle = $0.24 cents PER 1mg
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