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    Stress is a part of everyday life and finding natural ways to cope with it can be challenging. Doc Green Well Relax formula contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients to help calm the body mind and spirit after a difficult day. Our proprietary blend of CBD and natural plant terpenes work together to decompress and help you Relax! Our Premium CBD and Terpene blend hemp extract is non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide and Chemical free with no preservatives, solvents or additives, third party LAB tested for purity and potency. Myrcene which is found in cannabis is a terpene that has been shown to have a sedative effect. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory. Beta Caryophyllene considered to be a natural anti-inflammatory that may provide pain relief, and act as an antibacterial agent it is also reported to be Anti-nociceptive, neuroprotective, anxiolytic and have antidepressant properties.  Humulene is natural sedative that also acts as a antibacterial agent and contains inflammatory properties. This synergistic blend of cannabidiol and elevated level of terpenes will give that extra help you need to reduce stress and keep you relaxed.

    Doc Green Well only produces the highest quality CBD oil that are safe, effective and fully tested for purity. Our rich broad spectrum CBD Terpene blends contain a complete profile of phyto-cannabinoids that will produce a full entourage effect making our tinctures far more effective than traditional isolate formulas with none of the negative indications from delta 9 THC found in full spectrum products. Our CBD terpene blended oil is non-GMO, Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, pesticide and chemical free.

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    A 150 mg bottle contains approximately 600 drops @ 0.250 mg of CBD each

    • Recommended Dosage: between 5-7 drops per dose
    • 5 drops = 1.25 mg of active ingredient.
    • 12 drops = 1.75 mg of active ingredient
    • Price $59.99 150mg bottle = $0.40 cents PER 1mg
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